Gobbledygook be gone

David Meerman Scott has updated his Gobbledygook Manifesto and it is so worth a read.  ...

Home Business Carnival #21

Welcome to edition 21 of the Home Business Carnival! This carnival includes the most interesting submissions since the last edition. Dave Prouhet, rx Editor of businessadvicedaily.com reveals his simply successful secrets : 3) Contribute to Others Success 7) Analyze to Understand, medical then Act 10) Do the Unexpected Wanda Grindstaff ( Creating Abundant Lifestyles) in […]

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Home business Carnival #20

The latest edition of the Home Business Carnival is up at Simplify This. Thank you Sanjay for hosting this edition! As I mentioned last week, I’ll be taking a break for while. If you want to host the carnival, here’s your chance! Related Articles:5 on the 5th: worth a read – April 07Home business Carnival […]

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Home business Carnival #19

This week’s edition is about Home business, what’s different, what’s harder. Working at home, with small children, is challenging. David explains how he learned to blog to the sound of SpongeBob. Stephanie explains the tactics she uses to balance her work at home vs. life at home, and it is quite a bit of work! […]

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5 on the 5th: worth a read – April 07

Here’s a new edition of 5 on the 5th, a highlight of the best, but off-topic submissions to the HomeBusiness Carnival. Susan reignites the debate on Full vs. Partial feeds. No questions for me, the debate is settled, unless you have something I can’t live without, then you may get away with partial feeds, otherwise, […]

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Take back the Web

Today was not a good day for the internet. First I read Seth’s post, rx then Kathy’s sad and upsetting story directly. Then countless others… This is just plain and simple not acceptable behavior. Period. Brad nails it when he says: Kathy’s story sealed it for me – reputation and trust are at a tipping […]

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