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An alternative to AdSense?

In my own, online still limited, experience, Affiliate marketing is a lot harder than AdSense. With affiliate marketing, not only do people have to click on the ad, which they do about as much as with AdSense, but then they have to either buy something, or at least sign up for a trial. And you […]

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SEO Experiment

I’ve setup shop just a few days ago and I’m ready for a first experiment, and a first challenge. One way to get readers woudl be to talk to all my friends, and all my contacts and tell them to come, read my articles, and then ask them to tell their friends who in turn […]

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About a month back, I ran across an article from Brad Isaac about Diversifying Your Investments by Starting a Side Business and that’s how the idea of this website was born.

Chris makes some compelling points about the advantages of a side business.

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Housekeeping notes

There is still quite a few things before I can be satisfied with the site (I chose not to say “done” because I don’t think a web site is really ever done, just ready enough that you want to go live with it, and then you keep tweaking, and tweaking, and … need I go […]

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Upcoming articles

There is quite a bit of material I’m planning on covering over the next few months, and as there are only so many hours in the day, and I have a full time, very fullfilling job as well, this will take some time. My main empashis will be on starting a side business, that is […]

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