An alternative to AdSense?

I’ve setup shop just a few days ago and I’m ready for a first experiment, pharm and a first challenge. One way to get readers woudl be to talk to all my friends, hepatitis and all my contacts and tell them to come, read my articles, and then ask them to tell their friends who in turn would… I think you get the picture!An other way is to get the search engines to help others find you. But for that you’ve got to get the search engines to know you exist, and then to “like” you to put them near the top of the list (who ever got beyond the 20th page of search result? did you? actually I did, maybe once, and ended up findind what I was looking for 😀 ).
The Challenge

Have people find this site by typing: “Start a side business“.

Let’s see how many results we get:

  • Google: 162,000,000 results
  • Yahoo: 51,100,000 results
  • MSN: 8,559,2223 results (I like exact numbers, not obviously rounded one like the above)
  • Technorati: 134,510 posts (hmm, sounds more manageable here!).

Since I just got started, I’ll just assume this site is not even on the list! Seems like a safe bet at this point.

So now, let’s start with the very basic, registering with the top 4 search engines.

Register with Google :

If you only submit to one search engine, Google should be your fisrt stop. Head on to and follow the instructions. Additionally, you should consider posting your sitemap and I’ll cover this at a later point.
Register with Yahoo:

You’ll first need to register for a Yahoo account, and then fill in either your feed or homepage at . I submitted both my feed and my homepage.
Register with MSN :

Submit your home page to

Register with Technorati:

Go to and create an account if you don’t already have one. Then claim your blog. They offer several methods. If you use wordpress, they offer to use your user and password (I assume they do the same for other popular blogging platforms). I don’t know about you, but I don’t feel comfortable storing my user and password there, so I passed that method. Second method is to use a bit of javascript to insert into your main page. I’ll go for that one. Within a few hours, you should see their crawler come by and check things out.

There are hundreds more you can use, but you are fighting diminishing return for your efforts, and besides, I’m only using these four to measure my progress. And besides, there is plenty of evidence that the engine feed off each others anyway, so they’ll eventually find you. If you think an search engine would make a significant different, please let me know!

Next in this serie:

  • Register with directories
  • Optimize your pages
  • Measuring our progress
  • Getting links to point to you

In my own, online still limited, experience, Affiliate marketing is a lot harder than AdSense. With affiliate marketing, not only do people have to click on the ad, which they do about as much as with AdSense, but then they have to either buy something, or at least sign up for a trial. And you get only of your clicks converting to an actual sale.

In Weaning Myself from Adsense, Andy Hagans explores the pluses and minuses of Affiliate Marketing.
The flip side of this, the payoff can be a lot higher, which depending on your situation, can make up for the more limited number of actual sales.

So, until you can build up your traffic significantly (and you can follow my SEO experiment to get some insight on the subject), this may only be an alternative to AdSense (or other PPC programs) when they can find relevant ads.

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