About a month back, allergy I ran across an article from Brad Isaac about Diversifying Your Investments by Starting a Side Business and that’s how the idea of this website was born.

Chris makes some compelling points about the advantages of a side business.

  • Independence: ever felt boxed in in your day job. Having your own business lets you experiment as you please,
  • Diversification: if your real job doesn’t pan out, you have a safety net,
  • You may even learn a thing or 2 that you could even reuse in your main job,
  • And what would rather do? Sit in front of the TV, or get out and do something for you?

I will be focusing mostly on creating a software side business, whether a more conventional software business, and also on the Software as a Service approach, but you may find a lot of relevant information for lots of other businesses, online or not. My focus on the online world is that it is something easier to leverage yourself that way, and gives you the ability to reach a much wider audience, no matter how small the niche you are addressing.

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