More evidence that you should get the best search ranking you can get

According to a study by iProspect, pills 6 people out of 10 people only click on the first page of the returned results of their search. And close to 9 in 10 will stop after the 3 page. That’s less than 30 pages out hundreds of thousands, surgeon sometimes millions of matches. When was the last time you dug 10 pages deep? 20 pages?
Furthermore, public health the trend is not encouraging as people stop more quickly year after year, while the total number or pages available keeps increasing at an alarming rate given how easy for people to publish pages these days.
The good news? It looks like people are gettign smarter and use more words to increase the relevance of the results they get. Which seems to indicate that all the words in your titles, headings, and the main text become more relevant than before.

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