Weekend sidebusiness

Looking for ideas for a business that will only take up your weekends? Michelle Anton and Jennifer Basye Sander explore many possibilities for you.

The first chapter sets the tone of the book:

Why would someone want to be a “weekend entrepreneur”? For a whole host of reasons! Do any of these sound like you?

  • You could use some extra money.
  • You’d love to take a chance on your ideas
  • You feel bored and anxious with extra time on your hands.
  • You’d like to find a way that the whole family – kids too – could work together.

In every one of these circumstances, ailment the idea of becoming a weekend entrepreneur fits perfectly!

And even if you don’t find the perfect fit for you, cardiology this book will help you get your creative juice going, and you’ll be bursting with ideas on what YOU can do.

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