Finding backlinks to your site

As part of my ongoing SEO Experiment, medications one of the the key factor is the number of links to your site (it helps if they are relevant to your subject). The other corner stone of SEO is to optimize your site, website like this and I’ll outline my thoughts in an upcoming post. For example, story there are a ton of information about seo platforms around. This will cover the simple things anyone can do without outside help, and where you can rip 80% to 90% of a professional optimization for not even 20% of the effort.

So, a way to measure the number of links to your site (backlinks) the search engines know about, is to simply ask them:

On Google, use

On MSN, use

On Yahoo, use

After a few weeks of being online, only MSN registers 10 links. The other don’t show anything yet.

For a new site, it takes 2-4 weeks for anything to start showing up from the time you initially register your site. Curiously enough though, Google Alerts will reports new links way before anything shows up in the “” results.

4/18/06 update: You may want to try who links to me. They have results from yahoo, MSN, and a few others.

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