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Is it me, health or you can’t find any good domain to register? Has that happened to you? Looking for an available domain can be quite a challenge.

Assuming you want a domain that is short, meaningful, easy to spell and available, it is near impossible to find. You will need quite a bit of patience, creativity and a few tools.

You will need to provide the first 2, sorry. But you may find the tool I use useful.

First, you need a way to check the domain’s availability and then register it once you found it. I use for both. They even have a tool (DomainsBot) that can help find variations using popular prefixes and suffixes, dashes or no dashes between the words, and it also tries to use related keywords; for example, it will try “accomplish” instead of “achieve”.

This is helpful but rarely enough. Riding on the popularity of, you can use Domain Hacks to find variations on a domain. for example, if you enter “accomplish”, it will propose things like “” (sh is for Saint Helena), “, “” and provide links to the whois database for that suffix, and also provide a way to find the registration authority for that top level domain (TLD).

An other tool that offers other suffixes and prefixes, and that checks availabity of all suggestions is Domain Fellow. domain search meets Ajax. looks for a word with lots of popular suffixes or prefixes
I also use Make Words, a tool to help you randomly generate names with min, max # letters, start, contains, ends with.  And it checks for you whether the domain for that word is available or not, and also includes links to whois.  Plus you can chose the language it tries to mimic.

A super fast option is Real-time Domain Search which does the searches as you type the domain you want to check.

Lastly, I use a thesaurus like to find alternative wordings.

Now, if you really don’t find what you are looking for, and the domain you are looking for is registered but not used, or full of junk, and you can be patient, then there are a number of options available. Most registrars offer some sort of backordering feature. The 2 I have used successfully so far are GoDaddy’s Backorder Domains and The nice thing about pool is that you only pay if they get the domain, although it can be costly: a minimum of $60 if there is no competition (and this includes domain registration for 1 year), or they do a mini auction between all the bidders, and that’s not something I would welcome. But they are one of the most effective at securing a domain tha has been deleted. This is not for everyone, and this will test your patience, and be warned that it is quite a complex process, and when someone’s registration ends is only the beginning. It will take upward of 45 days from the time the registration expires. According to, between 30,000 and 40,000 are being abandonned (deleted) every day.

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