10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee success

Brad Isaac, sovaldi from achieve-it!, viagra has a thought provoking article titled 10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure and he makes very valid points on how you can guarantee that you will not achieve your goals. However, syphilis being a positive kind of guy, and having learned a few years back from reading Bringing Out the Best in People that although it can be valuable to articulate that something should not be done, it is a lot more effective to provide an alternate behavior that you approve of as a conduit to foster the desired result. So with that in mind, here’s my take on Brad’s don’t’s.
Define your goals with a laser like focus

You need to define your goal as specifically as you can (as you dare to make it?). How else would you know when you have succeeded? Plus, if your goal is too fuzzy, it won’t feel right when you get there. It will just be a non event, something you will not enjoy and use as a stepping stone for your next goals. So step back and think carefully about what you want to accomplish, and why.
Visualize your goals as if you can touch them

Now that you’ve defined what your goal, here comes the key point. If you take only one thing away from reading this, this should be it. Do not underestimate the power of visualizing your goal. Not only should you visualize what your goals is, what success looks like, but how you will feel when you achieve that goal, what your state of mind will be, maybe even how you will reward yourself. Maybe you’ll be ecstatic, maybe you’ll be at peace, maybe you’ll have a nice dinner, or maybe you’ll rest for just an instant… Whatever works for you, transport yourself into that space, take a small advance and savor the moment when you’ve succeeded. This will help you throughout the process, as you work step by step towards your goal.

Think positively about your goals

Don’t let any kind of negative thinking overpower you. Remember how miserable this has gotten you in the past, and this has led to nothing good. Focus your mind on the things you can do and have done in the past, and how best you can work around anything you don’t know about, or have not been able to achieve before. Strategize on where you can help from, on how you can best minimize or even neutralize the issue. This does not mean that you should ignore the obstacles, only that you should approach them in the most positive way you can devise.

Figure out what’s your next action

Your goal may feel too far away, it may seem like you’ll never get there. But this is just not true. There has to be something you can do now that will bring you closer to your goal, whether that is just figuring out what that is, or choosing what the next step out of many. Figure our what you need to do, and do it. Now.

Just do it!

Sometimes, it is just getting started that you just dread and dread to no end. So you do busy work instead. Clean up your desk, do things that may need to get done at some point, but these very things are keeping you from achieving your goal. And the worse part is that you know that once you get started, you’ll do just fine. Use what you visualized earlier to get you going. Don’t delay any more and just do it! You’ll be glad you did.

Get started now

It feels like I’m repeating myself here. Seriously, don’t delay any more. Once you get started, you know deep down that you will just go, go, go and do what needs to get done. Whether the fear of failure is what holds you down, or that you feel overwhelmed should not be a factor should be made irrelevant. Again, visualize what success looks like, how you’ll feel when you’ll have achieved your goal and once you’ve taken that first step towards it, the rest is going to be easy.

Set a deadline

A goal without an end date is just but a dream, so it is important to set a reasonable and achievable time frame for achieving your goal. If your goal just feels too big, too daunting, set an intermediate goal that you know you can reach more easily, and that will get you closer to your end goal. I know it is a cliche, but success brings success, so get some small wins under your belt and you’ll get there before you know it.

Research your goals

As Brad puts it, if you try to “wing it”, you are guaranteed to fail. So research your goals. Read about it, talk to people on how they would approach it, search online, ask around. Somewhere, the information you need is out there, maybe even in plain sight. So go get it!

Live and breath your goal

Now that you got started, you are on you way to a sure win. And this is no time to rest. You need to track your progress (daily, more often if you feel you need to), even enlist someone’s help to help you keep going, smooth out the bumps, someone to help keep your motivation high. And if you getting off course, bring back up that vision you dreamed up at the beginning, transport yourself to that place where you’ll have reached your goal and look back with glee on your accomplishment.

If your follow these steps, before you know it, you’ll have succeeded and be hungry for more!


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