Carnival of Home Business, first edition

Welcome to the July 1, plague 2006 edition of carnival of home business.

This is the first installment of the Carnival of Home Business. The them for this first Carnival was around creating a home business, and were so many other good submissions that I’ve split the submissions into 3 categories:

  • Home business creation
  • Business advice
  • Business Ideas

Thank you everyone for your contribution!

Relax and Enjoy!

Home business creation

Noah Flemming presents Why you shouldn’t start your own business! posted at
Why you shouldn’t start your own business! After all over 90% of businesses fail so chances are if you’re reading this and pondering with the thought of starting your own business the statistics are in your favor to ensure your business will fail.

Jason presents How easy is it to start selling books online? posted at
With most small business start-ups, the major concern is upfront investment. Before beginning any new venture, one should always ask a series of important questions about initial costs: What major equipment will I need? Can I work from home or is office space necessary? How much inventory will I need to start? Will I need to hire, train, and pay employees? What accounting methods will I need to use?

Guillermo Puyol presents Good Online Business Ideas – Four factors that you should consider posted at Start an Online Business – Tips and Advice
Coming up with an online business idea has never been easy. Coming up with an online business idea that works is near impossible. Online business can be extremely intimidating to those who have never ventured in the internet, and thus these people never dare try. This article will give you an edge and reveal the four most important aspects that will determine the success of your online business idea.

Matt Inglot presents The Barriers to Starting Your Own Business posted at Matt Inglot.
How often have you had a fabulous idea that you could make a pile of money from? How often have you said to yourself “man, I could definitely do a better job than this company”? How often have you turned these thoughts into thriving businesses?

Matt also presents How to Successfully Get Work Done in a Home Based Business posted at Matt Inglot.
Having a home-based business can provide a rewarding and flexible lifestyle. In fact it sounds ideal – no daily commute, no annoying coworkers, no rat mazes of cubicles, and you can eat lunch for as long as you like. You can even take an afternoon nap! Unfortuntely two opposing concepts are constantly working together to shatter this lovely idealistic outlook…

Bryan C. Fleming presents Don’t Quit Your Day Job! posted at Bryan C. Fleming .com
Perhaps you started a business or made some good investments. The money is starting to pour in. Now it’s time to quit your job right?

Business advice

Peter Kua presents 19 Steps to Power Negotiations – Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 posted at
EVERYTHING IS NEGOTIABLE. Negotiation is an art that can be studied and mastered. You may be a corporate buyer in search of the best deal for your company. Or you may be the supplier attempting to maximize your margins. Or you may be simply a tourist trying to locate great souvenirs at excellent prices.

Peter is also presenting 19 Crème de la Crème Success Principles posted at
I attended a 1-day talk by Jack Canfield just a couple of weeks ago in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. During the awe-inspiring seminar, he listed what I believe to be 19 key points, the crème de la crème success principles from his newly published book, The Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be (the book has a total of 64 principles).

And a last one from Peter: Triple Your Free Time: 4 Simple Steps posted at
You don’t have free time because you don’t have a strategy for it. Even with technological advances these days, like emails, web transactions, cell phones and other nifty gizmos, you still find yourself struggling for more time. More time to carry out constructive pursuits for yourself.

Scott Allen presents Don’t Prioritize Your Schedule, Schedule Your Priorities posted at Entrepreneur’s Guide.
One of the best lessons I learned (and one of the hardest to apply) from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People was this: “Don’t prioritize your schedule — schedule your priorities.”

David Lorenzo presents The Three Lies of Career Limitation posted at The Career Intensity Blog.
Nine-to-fivers who are skeptical of new ventures usually cling to the following Three Lies of Career Limitation: Security, Benefits, Loyalty

David also presents Master the Random Encounter posted at The Career Intensity Blog.
Can a cup of coffee make a difference in your career? Sometimes a random encounter is the best way to make a business connection and help create some buzz. I call these opportunities “Starbucks Moments”. A Starbucks Moment is your chance to meet someone who can potentially help your career or your business or at a minimum just be an interesting person to talk to.

And a last one from David: Making the Most out of E-Mail posted at The Career Intensity Blog
I just can’t help myself. I check e-mail constantly and it gets in the way of my productivity. I find myself responding to messages seconds after they come in. I feel a sense of urgency and a need to get back to people immediately. And not just clients – anyone.

Steve Faber presents Success is at Your Doorstep posted at DebtBlog.
Americans are lucky. Face it. America is the only country in the world where poor people are fat. We’re not talking a few over, either. We’re talking way overweight. In most countries around the world, the poor are lucky to get something to eat, much less enough to make them obese. Something else to differentiate the poor in America from the poverty stricken around the globe is the TVs, and the cars, and the DVD players, and the satellite dishes, and the furniture, and the cigarettes, and the….well, you get the picture.

Henry Habgood presents Customer Service for the e-business owner posted at A brief history of GPT Programs.
A few years ago, the big thing that toppled rising businesses such as Enron was cooking the books, and then there was the likes of Wal-Mart and other mega stores coming in and knocking out smaller business. While Wal-Mart is still around to terrorize small business, the newest business killer is lack of customer service.

Kim presents Lesson in Business: Don’t Give The Store Away posted at Blog Fabulous
Recently I learned a very important lesson in what NOT to do when trying to drum up business. Potential customer contacts The Pet Set, asking about our products. She says she loves everything we do, so unique, gorgeous…blah, blah.

Katie presents Weekend homework: dream up your squad quads posted at Aridni
This weekend, pull out that handy notepad and pencil. We want you to make a list of forty, yeah forty, people who are money making or managing machines.

Katie also presents Make your success move! Get from the polls to the ballot posted at Aridni
In 1920, an American woman was considered ambitious if she cast her vote on Election Day. Now women’s voices can go beyond the polls to actually having a say about who gets on the ballot in the first place. That’s because of women’s increased entrepreneurial success in the private sector which contributes the majority of funds for political campaigns.

Kay Bell presents Baby got backup posted at Kay Bell says “Don’t Mess With Taxes”
“As a small business owner, your computer is your lifeline. So what do you do, in addition to panicking, when it crashes? Kay Bell relates her recent experience, that also includes a tax tip for those who work from home.”

Richard Arnold presents Law of Attraction: Sending Greeting Cards posted at What You Send Out Comes Back One Hundred-Fold
Harness the power of the Law of Attraction by sending greeting cards in your personal and business lives

Christopher Brunner presents Reducing Taxable Income Through Retirement Funds posted at The Small Business Buzz
Taxes stink. Ah, but as citizens of this wonderful country we must pay our dues for services. Most business owners know that the more you make the more you are taxed. The best way to reduce your taxable income and greatly benefit yourself at the same time is through retirement funds…

Business Ideas

Henry Habgood presents The e-commerce marvel called ‘free shipping’ posted at A brief history of GPT Programs
Almost every person that tries to start a business online already has some idea of how things are sold on web sites. Places such as and are havens for both used and new goods alike. Chances are that you have been to either or both of these web sites and have also purchased something through them. I have repeatedly purchased from both sites and also go through their listings frequently to see what good deals I might find. What I have found is that the offers that are immediately seen as more attractive are ones that offer free shipping.

Ohad presents Making money online posted at Ohad’s Internet News.
The Internet is offering a wide variety of opportunities to make money online. As more users use the Internet on a daily basis for more then search and emails (which are the 2 most common uses), more business models based on user participation enable you to make monetize it.

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