What’s the best company structure for your home business – Home Business Carnival #5

This is the fith edition of the Home Business Carnival, orthopedist and the first weekly edition! As expected, discount rx I received less posts in a week than I did in the usual four weeks or so. Which means less posts to chose from so this edition will be shorter to keep the quality of the posts at the same level. To ensure your post gets included, please stay on topic!

Chosing a business structure is a critical step in getting your business started. It may not be the first one you will take, but it is a necessary one! Whether you will consider a Sole Proprietorship, an LLC or a Corporation may depend on your situation. What’s key is to do the proper research, and get some advice from professionals. And your research starts here…

The best post, and really the type of post I had envisioned when choosing this topic comes to us from Tony of Success from the nest, and if you believe his about page, would not be complete without his dog, his rat, and his fish. I don’t know about that rat part ;). In any case, his submission is choke full of useful insight and links to help you chose the right structure for your home business.

You may want to check out why I think that a Sole Proprietorship is the best way to start you side business (or home bussiness too!).

And finally, worthy of note, even though off topic for this week, was the submission by Dave: Failing to succeed.
Thank you for everyone who contributed, this carnival would not exist without you! If you’d like to host an upcoming edtion, drop me a note.
Edition #6 will be about “Extraordinary home business ideas” and hosted here. Submit your articles.

The first edition of the Working at home blog carnival is up. Go check it out!

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