Extraordinary Home Business Ideas – Home Business Carnival #6

Well, site well, unhealthy well. What a surprise! When I selected this week’s theme, what is ed Extraordinary Home Business Ideas, I expected to be flooded with ideas, some strange,
some weird, some eccentric, but some truly original.

I received a few outstanding submissions, and I may include them in a future edition, but then, nothing, nothing at all, nothing worth that fit, even loosely into this week’s theme! That is quite peculiar, so I did a bit more digging, and pointed my browser to my favorite search engine: the all-mighty google and gleefully typed in: “extraordinary home business idea”. And did I get anything? No! Nothing worth talking about in the first 50 results. Well, somewhat interesting pages, but really nothing to write home about! So I’m left wondering: what happened? How come this is such an uncovered topic
Are all home bases business boring? Certainly, nobody seems to think about them as extra-ordinary!

A quick check of the dictionary gives us:

Extraordinary: very unusual or remarkable.

Ok, fine. Let’s try this with google.

the first 2 hits are more promising:

How To Generate Unique Business Ideas That Make Money? Instead of giving you ideas, it shows you the process to come up with these coveted extraordinary ideas. Very much in the vein of “teach a man to fish, and you feed him…”.

Here’s a quick rundown of the process:

  1. Read and study as many things as possible about your industry
  2. Improve general knowledge.
  3. Mix and Match Ideas
  4. Think Solutions
  5. Refine
  6. Rinse and repeat

The second hit is also more like what I would have expected: Unusual Home Businesses and that articles does just that, it discusses unusual home businesses ideas, and covers ideas such as mystery shopper or pet-sitter.

And when trying with “remarkable” in stead of “extraordinary”, quite unsurprisingly, it turns out one of Seth Godin book: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable. Definitely something you should read, or if that’s too big an investement in your time, subscribe to his blog: pretty much on a daily basis, he comes up with invaluable nuggets of marketing/sales wisdoms that make you think.

Thank you for everyone who contributed! If you’d like to host an upcoming edtion, drop me a note.

Edition #7 will be about “Accounting for your Home Business” and hosted here. Submit your articles.

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