Halloween Edition – Home Business Carnival #8

Today’s edition is our Halloween edition. Lots of Trick and Treaters tonight.

There was no specific topic and I selected the best contributions for the week. Here they are in no particular order. Enjoy!

If you’ve used Quickbooks on Windows (or Quicken like I do) and you decided to use a Mac (don’t you think it is a much better experience?), rehabilitation read David’s contribution: Wither QuickBooks for the Mac? David likes to use Bootcamp to run his windows applications on his Mac. An other option is to use Parallel (which I use), visit web and even though it requires more memory, hospital it does not require a reboot: you can run Mac and Windows applications in the same session. It also works great to run Microsoft Small Business Accounting 2006.

Suzanne, of The Get known Now Blog, alerts us of a new shopping cart alternative.

On the sales front, Charmaine of Reasoned Audacity has a few words of wisdoms on Sandler Sales Technique: Selling Tangible and Intangibles.

One more on sales technique, from Thatedeguy: Streamline your EBay selling.

John, while he is not busy Rebuilding Eden, wrote down his top 5 rules for starting a business. His number one? Don’t aim for a small business, go for a big one…

While on the topic of starting a business, Julia has some advice on How to start Online Dating Business.

And one more, from SimplifyThis: Starting a business on your 20s. One of his key advice: Don’t live like a millionaire at 25. I think this is good advice, much inline with the millionaire next door and I would rephrase it to be: don’t live like a millionaire, period.

Christine explains to us that sometimes, to get somewhere, you need to be there before you can get there. It will all make sense when you read Don’t get Rich quick, Be Rich quick. And if you have not done this last time, be sure to check out her music, pretty cool!

That’s it for this edition and even though this is a bit more unstructured than a specific theme, that can include more submissions and I’ll schedule more “no theme” editions from time to time.

Thank you everyone who contributed! If you’d like to host an upcoming edtion, drop me a note.

In edition #9, let’s explore the reason why you would start a business. It will be hosted here. As always Submit your articles now.

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