Free Advertising Resources – Home Business Carnival #11

This week’s theme is about free resources you can use for advertising your home business.

A first suggestion comes from Brian of Genius Type. He urges you to take a second look at Network Marketing. What’s Network Marketing? Here’s Brian’s definition:

Network marketing is a business model that replaces large marketing budgets with a compensation plan for entrepreneurial consumers who choose to assume the advertising role. By avoiding complicated distribution chains, information pills the company can ship directly to the consumer. Without an advertising budget, cheap the company relies on its own customers to spread the word and increase the customer base. The money that is saved without advertising or distribution chains is redirected to the consumer in the form of commissions and bonuses.

Not exactly free, but a lot cheaper than a full fledge advertiging campaign as you compensate as a percentage of sales. Read the full article: Why Corporations fear Network Marketing.

Not happy with just one idea, Juuso comes up with 7 creatives ideas to Advertise you Product. My top 2: use your messenger status line and your own car…

Supermom goes a bit farther and claims you can get paid to promote your business! Sounds too good to be true? Well, maybe not. Check out what she has to say: How to cross promote your business and get paid.

What about using your business cards? Harrison makes a compelling case for handing a lot more of them in Business Skill: The Importance of business card.

Lastly, Jack of Reasoned Audacity, has an interesting take on how you can transform a failed attempt to get elected into more business: Political Campaign as Marketing Campaign. An intriguing way to turn a failed political attempt into a windfall.

Thank you to everyone that sent in an article, you made this edition possible!

The 12th edition of the Home Business Carnival will be hosted here at Start a Side Business and the theme will be “Setting up an online presence”. Submit your articles now. I look forward to receiving your contributions!

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