Setting up an online presence – Home Business Carnival #12

Today’s edition theme is “Setting up an online presence”.

In fact setting up your online presence is becoming easier and easier so the challenge is more to get people to find you.

Google Adwords has become a very effective way to attract people and Suzanne, malady from The Get Known Now Blog explains how to be successful with Google Adwords, viagra 100mg and she’s not talking about your typical landing page optimization. She points out that

This is no slam-dunk easy sale (which I’d once assumed it was.) These days we have to prove we’re full of info we eagerly share – and that are information is high quality.

and her advice is not go for a sale directly, but just get people to sign up for some freebee, something to start a relationship, which you can in time turn into something profitable. Sound advice…

For James, the best way to advertise your online presense is to submit articles, find out if writing articles is Brain Dead or Not! In fact, he assures us that

your reader will come back to your site and read some of the other content you have written if he is interested in your topic and you write directly to the heart. Humanize your writing and let it flow. You will lose your reader if your article reads like the installation manual for an x-ray machine in your local hospital.

For Barbra of HomeBusinessWiz, a key factor in your online (or offline) presense is a professional bio, and she explains how you write one. At a minimum, you need to answer the “four reader questions”:

1) who you are…
2) your expertise and how it addresses…
3) their problem or goal, and how they can…
4) contact you

Once you have finally established your online presence, you don’t want to forget to issue a press release. For that, be sure to read Campus Grotto 50 tips for writing an effective press release. Personally, I would emphasize more heavily on the quotes.

Azmi, of DesiNotes, explains how to Market on for free.

Setting up an e-commerce site can be daunting, so some tips on putting up an e-commerce web site are welcome!

GreatFX Business Cards has a very comprehensive 4 parts articles on how to start a successful EBay business.

This concludes this 12th edition. The 13th edition of the Home Business Carnival will be hosted here at Start a Side Business and the theme will be “Competitive Analysis: knowing your competitors”. Submit your articles now. I look forward to receiving your contributions!

Be sure to checkout 5 on the 5th, a new monthly serie where I selected last month best but off topic submissions.  A very good read!

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