5 on the 5th: worth a read – January 07

An interesting part of putting together the Home Business Carnival, pill is that after many editions, generic I’m receiving a lot of contributions. Many are great, erectile on topic and a great fit for the next edition, some are either off topic, or not quite as good as the other and don’t make it. The observant reader will be quick to point out that this leaves out the great but off-topic submissions and this new series should be the perfect home for these. Every month on the 5th, I’ll be posting the 5 most notable contributions out of these great but off-topic contributions.

So here’s the second edition on 5 on the 5th and Happy New Year everyone!

The Golden Retriever’s Favorite Small Business and Home Office Resources

Is the Home Office Deduction Worth it?

Increasing your hourly rate in order to get rich

11 Effective Ways to become a Keyboard Athlete

Top 10 Things I Had to Learn on the Road to Full-Time Self Employment


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