Marketing ideas – Home Business Carnival #15

This week’s edition of the Home business Carnival is about Marketing. For this 15th edition (is that 15 already!), about it you’ll find a lot of valuable information from contributors all over the blogosphere, artificial so sit back relax and read on…

In the Economic of Self Awareness, Brandon coins the term Authentic Marketing that he defines as:

the result of the consumer’s disdain for contrived branding, inauthenticity, corruption, deceit, lack of vision/sustainability, etc. Only companies who are able to demonstrate total transparency, and unify marketing strategy, business strategy and organizational/human capital strategies are able to authentically market themselves and their wares

Taking a different tack, The New Business World goes on to say that Marketing is about Message, not Sales. More specifically, here’s how he defines Marketing:

There are three principles one can utilize to understand marketing.
1.) Marketing is about letting the world see your message.
2.) Marketing is about letting the right people see your message.
3.) Marketing increases sales which in turn increases the stability of the organization.

Marketing is also about Marketing yourself, and Kirsten, a psychologist with a passion for positive thinking explains how to put together the Best Elevator Pitch:

You want to craft an answer that will spark conversation. Something that sounds so exciting that the person asking the question will certainly ask more questions and want to continue talking with you

Game Producer is defining Marketing versus Marketing Research. For him, Marketing is a Process:

Some people think that marketing is about making some nice banners for a while and then forgetting it. Marketing is a process that involves series of steps to be made: market analysis, market planning, action and control.

He goes on to outline the difference between Marketing Research and Market Research, why do Marketing Research and then lists the steps you should go through:

  1. Formulate the Problem
  2. Determine the type of research you need
  3. Design the data collection methods, and any collateral you need
  4. Design a Sample and collect Data
  5. Analyze and interpret the Data
  6. Prepare a report on your research

And finally, Kumiko presents a good summary on how to bootstrap your site or blog.

This concludes this 15th edition of the Home Business Carnival. The 16th edition of the Home Business Carnival will be hosted here at Start a Side Business and the theme will be about Customer Service. Submit your articles now. As always, I look forward to receiving your contributions!

Be sure to checkout the second edition of 5 on the 5th, a new monthly series where I selected last month best but off topic submissions. A very good read!

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