Upgrade to WordPress 2.1

Last night, help I upgraded to WordPress 2.1. I was expecting the worst, patient so I very carefully did a database backup (using an export from phpmyadmin), did 2 backups of the files, and followed the instructions carefully. I must admit I did skip the part about disabling the extensions, and that save some time.

Instead of doing an update in place, I created a copy.

For that I renamed the old site “sidebusiness.biz” to “sidebusiness_2.0.biz”, and very quickly created a symlink so that the web server (still pointing to sidebusiness.biz) would find the files in their current location (now sidebusiness_2.0.biz).

mv sidebusiness.biz sidebusiness_2.0.biz
ln -s sidebusiness_2.0.biz sidebusiness.biz

Then I created a copy named sidebusiness_2.1.biz.

cp -arv sidebusiness.biz sidebusiness_2.1.biz

That’s where I proceeded to do the upgrade. Essentially remove the files mentioned in the instructions, copy the new files I had downloaded earlier, checked that everything looked ok, and then it was time to make the switch.

Just remove the symlink to sidebusiness_2.0.biz and create one that points to sidebusiness_2.1.biz

rm sidebusiness.biz
ln -s sidebusiness_2.1.biz sidebusiness.biz

And finally, on to the database upgrade by going to http://example.com/wordpress/wp-admin/upgrade.php.

That was really easy. For users, the site was down less that 15s!

Then today, I experimented with the new static home page.

That is also very easy. First I created a Home Page (with the content I wanted) and a Blog Page (left blank). Then under the Options>Reading of the admin, I selected “Front Page Displays a static page”. Then selected my newly created Home Page for the Front page, and my new Blog Page for the Posts Page. That’s it. It worked the first time around. Amazingly well done, WordPress Team!

Now, to make it a bit more interesting, I created a specific template just for the home page as I’m guessing I’ll be doing a few customizations just for that page. Easily enough using K2 as the base, that was surprisingly easy to achieve.

First I duplicated the page.php from the template directory and added the following at the top.

<?php /*
Template Name: Home Page
*/ ?>

Then edit that template page to suit my needs.  Mostly removed the post title for now.

Then in the page I created for the Home Page, you I assigned that new template (“Called Home Page”) using the Page Template Control on the right side on the Edit Page page. And voila!

One last thing I found useful. To test whether your are on the new home page, is_home() does not appear to work, but is_page(‘Home’) does (“Home” is the Title of the page I created for the Home Page).

I love the Auto Save and the Static Home Page! I’m not sure I understand how the new Visual editor is supposed to work, but I’m fine with the Code Editor 🙂

Let me know what you think of that new home page! May need some more work…

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