Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts – Home Business Carnival #16

This week’s edition of the Home business Carnival is about Customer Service.

Only a few worthy on topic contribution for this edition, physician but I found them excellent and I hope you do too!

First, physician is Christine, angina now a Home Business Carnival regular. She has some serious advice for sensitive types and for artists. Number 8 on her list: Grok good customer service:

Go to Nordstrom. Buy something. Watch how you’re treated. Then, go to Macy’s. Do the same thing. Witness the difference. Apply that lesson in whatever way you can to your own customer service.

Then Michelle chimes in with 2 examples of bad customer service, and she wonders why businesses keep making mistakes after mistakes, when it is obviously in their best interest not to.

Wouldn’t you agree that the company should be making every effort to make sure every single encounter a customer has with a representative is genuinely a nice experience? That’s part of running a successful business. Why else would the call be “monitored or recorded for quality assurance.” Clearly that statement is rarely true,

Stephanie approaches customer service by contrasting an almost perfect experience with Cingular with a pretty bad one with her bank. In one case, the company has empowered its employees so they can do something to help the customers, and clearly the other one has not.

Why were these two experiences different? I think it’s because of the amount of power I felt in each case, both my own and the company representative’s. In the first, the customer service rep was authorized immediately to give me a sizeable refund, on the spot, and to request a further review. I felt as though someone was able to do something about it.

And, finally Debra has some general business advice, but you could very well pretend she’s talking about customer service, and most would apply, wouldn’t you think?

  1. Failure to smile and be friendly
  2. Discussing personal problems
  3. Inappropriate Attire/Hygiene
  4. Incorrect grammar
  5. Sexual innuendo
  6. Reprimanding an employee in front of the client
  7. Improper Email Etiquette
  8. Criticizing the competition
  9. Assuming the receptionist has no authority

And this concludes this 16th edition of the Home Business Carnival. The 17th edition of the Home Business Carnival will be hosted here at Start a Side Business and the theme will be about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Submit your articles now. As always, I look forward to receiving your contributions!Be sure to checkout the second edition of 5 on the 5th, a new monthly series where I selected last month best but off topic submissions. A very good read!

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