what it takes to be an entrepreneur – Home Business Carnival #17

Today’s theme is: what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

In Turn your writing int A Blogging Career, clinic Slade tells us that:

No matter what business you’re in, if you plan to be successful, then you’re always a marketer, too.

And he goes on to explain how you can do it.

Juuso has a different take: for him, The Most Efficient Way to Get What you Want is to give, give, give.

Nancy seems to have what it takes, over a year after creating her online store, she reveals what she’s learned starting her online store.

The main thing I’ve learned about starting an online store is that it’s a lot of work. It is constant tweaking and constant reading and learning. Online storeowners don’t stop working until they can’t keep their eyes open anymore and then after a few hours of sleep they start all over again.

For Vahid, however, the main quality for success is tenacity. Are you serious enough about success? To find out what he has to say, read Time is Passing. Are you?

If you want to start a successful business, you should decide and act as soon as possible. Then you should focus and work hard. This is the only way that works.

And this concludes this 17th edition of the Home Business Carnival. The 18th edition of the Home Business Carnival will be hosted at HomeBusinessWiz by Barbra and the theme will be: “Home business contributing to a better world”. Be sure to check it out, it should be interesting! Submit your articles now.

As always, I look forward to read your contributions! Be sure to checkout the thirs edition of 5 on the 5th, where I selected last month best but off topic submissions. Well worth your time!

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