5 on the 5th: worth a read – April 07

Here’s a new edition of 5 on the 5th, purchase a highlight of the best, but off-topic submissions to the HomeBusiness Carnival.

Susan reignites the debate on Full vs. Partial feeds. No questions for me, the debate is settled, unless you have something I can’t live without, then you may get away with partial feeds, otherwise, you won’t last very long in my feed list. 3 strikes and you are out! That is, 3 excerpts that don’t grab my attention, and BAM!, you are out. In fact, I only about 1% of my hundreds of feeds have made the cut.

Need Viral Marketing advice, look no further.

To have something you never had:

  • Have you ever had the amount of money you want to make? (Not hardly, I had huge goals)
  • Why do you think you will ever have it, if you keep doing the same things over and over and have never gotten the results you wanted previously? Adding, “at some point, you will have to take action to change your results”.

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You are staying on top of your Books, right? Matt Inglot explains how you can.

I kept the best for last: Attention Mapping: The 10-Point Exercise.

The difficult part about designing for attention isn’t deciding what to talk about—it’s deciding what not to talk about. Because you only get a potential customer’s attention for a few seconds (if you’re lucky enough to get it at all) you don’t have luxury of rambling. You have to cover your key points with both speed and strength.

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