Home business Carnival #19

This week’s edition is about Home business, website like this what’s different, drug what’s harder.

Working at home, with small children, is challenging. David explains how he learned to blog to the sound of SpongeBob.

Stephanie explains the tactics she uses to balance her work at home vs. life at home, and it is quite a bit of work!

In Mother working at home, Jack relates some of the problems that are becoming all too common:

Martz’s story is becoming increasingly familiar. A growing number of career women are leaving established companies to start their own. Aided by the tools of the Information Revolution — computers, modems and fax machines — many women with young children are becoming entrepreneurs by establishing home-based businesses. For many women this is the best of both worlds.

RachelAPP provides a step by step recipe to start an EBAY business selling personalized coasters.

Finally, Work at Home Mom Revolution describe 2 opportunities: Transcription and Online Tutoring.

Next week, the Carnival travels (again) to SimplifyThisSubmit your articles now. This will be the 20th edition of the Carnival and I thought it was time for a change and I will take a break from the Carnival, at least for a while. But the Carnival will go on, and will keep on traveling from host to host. So if you’d like to host the carnival, please drop me a note.

Finally, don’t miss the latest edition of 5 on the 5th, the most interesting off-topic submissions to the Carnival.

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