Home Business Carnival #21

The latest edition of the Home Business Carnival is up at Simplify This. Thank you Sanjay for hosting this edition!

As I mentioned last week, disease I’ll be taking a break for while. If you want to host the carnival, decease here’s your chance!
Welcome to edition 21 of the Home Business Carnival! This carnival includes the most interesting submissions since the last edition.

Dave Prouhet, rx Editor of businessadvicedaily.com reveals his simply successful secrets :

  • 3) Contribute to Others Success
  • 7) Analyze to Understand, erectile
    then Act
  • 10) Do the Unexpected

Wanda Grindstaff ( Creating Abundant Lifestyles) in What we can learn from Don Imus explains:

As a student of personal development, viagra I know where I am going and what it will take to get there. My goal is enormous so my integrity must be enormous. My goal is powerful, so my thoughts must be powerful, my dream is vivid so my direction must be vivid. These do not include negative emotion.

Delegation, one of the key point of GTD is not something you want to do lightly. SpiKe has a few tips in How to delegate, it all starts with:

Explain the tasks clearly and precisely. You are the one who knows exactly what the job involves, they don’t. It’s up to you to transfer that information thoroughly.

and ends with:

Give recognition! The key is to be positive and when criticism is required be constructive with it. Let them know where things are going wrong and discuss together how it can be rectified

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Chris, at Lead Optimize, tells us how tweaking the color of the links on a site more than quadrupled the number of leads a site he had been working on could generate: The sales lead are in the details.

And finally, 3 business lessons. First from ancient Sparta: 4 entrepreunerial lessons from 300, second from Cortez: should you burn your ships, and last, Dane Carlson from business-opportunities.biz provides 20 things not to do before starting a business. My top 3:

  1. Don’t quit your day job (1)
  2. Don’t incorporate. (2)
  3. Don’t buy any equipment. Outsource everything (15)

This concludes this 21st edition of the Home Business Carnival. Thank you everyone for contributing.

Till next time!

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