Gobbledygook be gone

David Meerman Scott has updated his Gobbledygook Manifesto and it is so worth a read.  If you are tired, physician as I am, hepatitis of “next generation” this, page “robust” that, “flexible” such and such, or “world class” stuff, or even “turnkey” thingy, then be sure to read this manifesto.

This short manifesto exposes the overused, mean nothing, catch phrases lots of marketers love to abuse.

His solution is simple, and should appeal to all marketer (yeah, right, one can only dream):

Whenever you set out to write something, you should be writing specifically for one or more of  the buyers that you want to reach.

Surely, to do this, you don’t need any catch word, you don’t need any gobbledygook!  Be honest, be direct, and you’ll be more effective.  Address your potential customer problem in words she would use, not any kind of “ground breaking user friendly best of breed extensible” nonsense!

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