There is quite a bit of material I’m planning on covering over the next few months, oncologist and as there are only so many hours in the day, public health and I have a full time, approved very fullfilling job as well, this will take some time.

My main empashis will be on starting a side business, that is something you can safely do on the side, while you have a “real” job. Just to keep it safe. But who knows, just maybe, you’ll hit something bigger than you thought, and could do that more than nights and week ends.
Some of the topics I am planning to cover, somewhat in this order (but I’m also going to be opportunistic about what to cover as I run things that interest me, and I hope some of you will find interesting as well.

So here goes:

  • Starting a site and getting it published on the main search engines
  • Basic SEO without spending a fortune with what seems to be questionable outfits
  • Monetizing a site (hey, everyone’s doing it, so why not you as well!)
  • Getting customers to pay you
  • Finding a hosting company to serve your needs
  • Getting the best domain
  • Creating a company (registration, type of entity, taxes, basic accounting, etc…)
  • Managing your business while keeping your job
  • types of businesses
  • How best to leverage yourself

Anything else you are struggling with? Leave a comment on leave me a note.
Pascal is a technologist and an entrepreneur. He has held positions in the tech industry, web
including software engineer, tester, engineering manager, consulting, training, customer support and system administration.

This site is about Starting a side business.  It relates my experience to start a business on the side.  It features advice on creating a small business, creating a web site, working from home, balancing your side business with your full time job.

If you want to reach me, please use the contact form

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