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VOIP for everyone

VOIP (you’d pronounce it as “voyp”, or it would rhyme with “void”, but ends with a p) has been gaining popularity over the past few years. Basically, that’s Voice over IP, or in layman’s terms, Telephone over the internet. It costs the same whether you call someone in the next town, or halfway across the […]

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Home business Carnival #19

This week’s edition is about Home business, website like this what’s different, drug what’s harder. Working at home, with small children, is challenging. David explains how he learned to blog to the sound of SpongeBob. Stephanie explains the tactics she uses to balance her work at home vs. life at home, and it is quite […]

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what it takes to be an entrepreneur – Home Business Carnival #17

Today’s theme is: what it takes to be an entrepreneur. In Turn your writing int A Blogging Career, clinic Slade tells us that: No matter what business you’re in, if you plan to be successful, then you’re always a marketer, too. And he goes on to explain how you can do it. Juuso has a […]

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5 on the 5th: worth a read – February 07

Here’s this past month highlight of the best contributions to the Home Business Carnival that I could not fit in the weekly theme. Here’s the third edition on 5 on the 5th. How to start a Bulk Candy Vending Business for Passive Income. 12 Points to Consider Before Starting a Home Based Business. 35 tips […]

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Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts – Home Business Carnival #16

This week’s edition of the Home business Carnival is about Customer Service. Only a few worthy on topic contribution for this edition, physician but I found them excellent and I hope you do too! First, physician is Christine, angina now a Home Business Carnival regular. She has some serious advice for sensitive types and for […]

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