Business Year End Wrap up – Home Business Carnival #14

With the start of the New Year, oncologist here’s an edition on wrapping up the past year and starting the new year on a good footing. For a year end review, Frank Ross recommends the following: Analyze what worked well Analyze what did not work Look for what can be improved Explore new opportunities that […]

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Wrapping up Business at Year End

If you’re a small independent business owner it could serve you well to take a birds eye view of your entire money making process for your business. 1. Looking at this year’s activity and make sure you’ve identified your most profitable customer – profile the characteristics that help you identify similar customers in the marketplace […]

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5 on the 5th: worth a read – January 07

An interesting part of putting together the Home Business Carnival, pill is that after many editions, generic I’m receiving a lot of contributions. Many are great, erectile on topic and a great fit for the next edition, some are either off topic, or not quite as good as the other and don’t make it. The […]

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Bootstrapper’s bible

The Bootstrapper’s Bible, bronchi by Seth Godin, cure is free again, till the end of December.  Grab it while you can. This is a fascinating read, and choke full of good ideas for starting a business with no money. Also worth a read by Seth: Do Less.

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Know your competition – Home Business Carnival #13

Today’s theme is about competition, resuscitator and more specifically about finding out who your competitors are, and what they do, what their edge is, and how you can beat them. Knowing about your competition is key to your business success. Knowing what they do can help you refine your pricing structure. It can help you […]

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