Home business Carnival

This is the home page of the Home Business Carnival. Welcome!

I created this page and this carnival in the hope that will be be useful to all home based business owners. Whether you are just looking for more information, visit this or you feel you have some valuable knowledge that you feel will benefit others like you, online this is the place to be.
Rules for submissions:

  1. Posts and articles should be about home based businesses, or of direct interest to home based business owners
  2. Post should be original (not a reference to an other post, with just a few added comments)
  3. Post should be informative. You’ll get more benefit from being seen as an expert on your topic than by putting out an outright sales pitch.
  4. Submit post before the last Thursday of the month, and the best posts that meet the rules will be posted

The theme for Home Business Carnival #1 was about creating the business structure (deadline for submissions is June 29th)

Read the first edition on Starting a business.

#1 creating the business structure

#2 the various marketing strategies you use to market your business.

#3 Work Life Balance – An Exhaustive Post!

#4 pricing strategy and getting paid

#5 What’s the best company structure for your home business

#6 Extraordinary home business ideas

#7 Accounting for your home business
To submit your your, go to Blog Carnival or use the contact me form.

If you’d like to host one of these carnival, use contact me.

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