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Gobbledygook be gone

David Meerman Scott has updated his Gobbledygook Manifesto and it is so worth a read.  If you are tired, physician as I am, hepatitis of “next generation” this, page “robust” that, “flexible” such and such, or “world class” stuff, or even “turnkey” thingy, then be sure to read this manifesto. This short manifesto exposes the […]

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Customer Service Do’s and Don’ts – Home Business Carnival #16

This week’s edition of the Home business Carnival is about Customer Service. Only a few worthy on topic contribution for this edition, physician but I found them excellent and I hope you do too! First, physician is Christine, angina now a Home Business Carnival regular. She has some serious advice for sensitive types and for […]

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Why a Sole Proprietorship is the best way to get your Side Business started

For the fledging home business or side business, discount the main business structures to consider are: Sole Proprietorship, LLC (Limited Liability Company), S Corp or C Corp.  If you don’t have much business experience, the best thing to get started is the Sole Proprietorship.  It is simple, has very little tax consequences, and is something […]

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10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee success

Brad Isaac, sovaldi from achieve-it!, viagra has a thought provoking article titled 10 Steps You Can Take To Guarantee Failure and he makes very valid points on how you can guarantee that you will not achieve your goals. However, syphilis being a positive kind of guy, and having learned a few years back from reading […]

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